Painted cat sparks animal cruelty investigation

MEDFORD, Ore. – An unpleasant surprise for one Medford family after coming home from church on Sunday to find their daughter’s cat, Miss Clevelle, soaked in green paint.

“At first I thought, ‘oh what did she get in to?’ Then I just saw the level of saturation and she didn’t have her belly covered and it was just all down her back. And I was like, ‘oh, someone did this,'” recalled Heather Frohreich after discovering her daughter’s cat walking down the street, covered in wet paint.

A bath didn’t help to get the paint off and they wound up having to shave most of Miss Clevelle’s fur to remove the bulk of it.

“I got scratched.”

Explaining to their six-year-old just what had happened to her cat, wasn’t easy.

“I think it’s really hard to explain to your kids why someone would do that. Because you can’t understand why they would do it either.”

While the family says they don’t believe the paint was toxic and Miss Clevelle has been acting normally, they are still upset and wondering why someone would do something so cruel.

“It’s not right. It’s not how you treat animals and it’s not how you treat people.”

Medford police are investigating the case and say whoever is responsible could be facing animal abuse charges.

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