Pandemic fuels push for touchless tech

(NBC) The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the need for “no contact” and touchless technology to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. As America shifts how it operates, new technology has emerged to help minimize crowds, shared surfaces, and person-to-person contact.

At some airports, new cameras automate temperature checks.

At Hilton Hotels, your phone can replace the check-in desk and the key.

Embassy Suites is utilizing robots to deliver room service.

If you have to go out, an app called Minfo aims to turn everything touchless, from shopping to ordering and paying at a restaurant.

And forget old-fashioned soda machines. Bevi makes a touchless beverage dispenser that connects to your phone.

In the socially-distanced sport of golf, some courses are even adding touchless ball retrieval.

Some elevators now let you skip the grimy buttons to navigate floors on your phone.

And with a motion sensor from Glamos, you can make a virtual touchscreen anywhere.

It’s all technology to make everyday activities safer and more hands-free.

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