Pelosi speaks about government shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – With the early days of Democratic control of the House of Representatives consumed by a partial government shutdown, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing President Trump of failing to negotiate in good faith.

She called Wednesday’s brief negotiation at the White House a “set up” so president Trump could walk out.

The speaker told reporters she’s not sure the president truly wants a border wall, preferring instead to have a debate about the wall.

But Pelosi did not specifically rule out a DACA deal for young undocumented “dreamers” as part of the negotiations to re-open the government.

She also predicted the president will face push-back from fellow Republicans if he declares the southern border situation a national emergency.

Pelosi said during a briefing, “Let me just make for clarity: not only was the president unpresidential—surprise, surprise—yesterday in his behavior.  I think the meeting was a setup so he could walk out, but I’ll say just that. And as I said to him yesterday these people cannot go to their fathers to cover their payments, their costs.”

House Democrats will begin passing bills to re-open individual departments such as Treasury this week.

But the majority Republicans in the Senate say they won’t hold any funding votes on bills President Trump won’t sign into law.

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