Phoenix City Manager speaks to rebuilding community

Phoenix City Manager Eric Swanson

PHOENIX, Ore. — “I see them going through this and its heart wrenching.”

Eric Swanson, city manager of Phoenix, says the past two weeks have been devastating.

He says while thousands of people no longer own property in the city, steps are being taken to correct that.

“An extremely important part of this is transitional housing.”

Swanson says the city of Phoenix is exploring rural areas in the city which could serve as new grounds for immediate housing structures to be built.

He says this will allow for several organizations and agencies to come together for a good cause.

“What I look forward to is working with the county, our partners in this region toward making a better Phoenix, a more progressive, positive Phoenix.”

He says he’s hearing that many people want to return to phoenix.

But as anxious as he is, Swanson says these things take time.

“We have to take things one step at a time. It’s going to be a marathon not a sprint.”

Swanson says he has a long list of people to meet with about getting their business up and running.

He says that lists starts today with Umpqua Bank, whose branch in the city burned to the ground.

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