Poll shows partisan divide in mask wearing habits

(NBC) Even as coronavirus cases continue to spike in some parts of the country, the issue of wearing or not wearing a mask appears to remain a partisan issue.

A new NBC News Survey Monkey poll released overnight found that 68% of U.S. adults say they wear a protective mask “every time” they leave home and may be in contact with others.

The survey found that 97% of Democrats and Democrat-leaners say they wear a mask at least most of the time when they leave their homes and might be in contact with others while 70% of Republicans and those who lean Republican say the same

There’s also a divide along racial lines. 80% of non-white Americans say they wear a mask “every time” they’re in a public space with others, including 82% of African Americans, 82% of Asians and 81% of Hispanics.

And the difference extends to generational divides. 75% of those over age 65 said they wear masks every time they leave home. In every other age subgroup, people are 64% to 69% likely to say the same. Those ages 35 to 54 are least likely to wear masks every time they leave home.

Since April, the CDC has recommended that people wear masks when they are not able to maintain social distancing.

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