Trump & Clinton win big

NC_nyprimary_700x394(NBC News) Hillary Clinton is the projected winner in the New York Democratic primary, with more than half the vote and 177 more delegates.

Bernie Sanders picked up 105 delegates so far. He says New York’s closed primary – for registered Democrats only – isn’t fair.

“Some three million New Yorkers were unable to vote today because they had registered as Independents, not Democrats, or Republicans, and that makes no sense to me at all,” said Sanders.

Donald Trump also won his home state by a landslide.

“We don’t have much of a race anymore, based on what I’m seeing on television. We’re gonna go into the convention – I think – as the winner,” Trump said.

Ted Cruz came in third. Shut out in New York, he moves to Pennsylvania. His game plan: to win the nomination during a contested convention.

John Kasich finished second in New York and picked up three delegates.

He’s concentrating on upcoming states, especially Indiana, hoping the Midwest will once again keep his campaign alive.

The next primaries, next Tuesday, are Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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