Possible school shooting thwarted in Oklahoma

DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR/NBC News) – Three Oklahoma teens were arrested Thursday after making alleged threats to “shoot up” a Del City high school.

Del City police say they received a tip around 11 a.m. Thursday that there was a 17-year-old across the street from Del City High School with a firearm. Police say the juvenile was “possibly making threats to shoot up the school.”

Cheryl Jackson, the owner of DC Grill, said a different high school student ran in to warn her. She said immediately called 911 and brought students who were eating on the patio in for safety.

“I said, ‘Well who are they after someone? Are they after you guys?’ And they said, ‘No, they threatened to shoot up the school,'” Jackson said.

Officers arrived on scene four minutes later and detained the teen, who was found to be in possession of a semi-automatic pistol.

During the initial investigation, police learned there were possibly two other people with the teen before officers arrived.

Police found a second juvenile, 16, who was also in possession of a semi-automatic pistol, and a 19-year-old, Andrew Stiffler, in a parking lot between the school building and the football field.

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