President Trump bashes Cohen plea deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC News) – President Trump lashed out at his former attorney, Michael Cohen, Thursday, saying Cohen is “weak person” and “lying” in order to secure a reduced sentence.

Mr. Trump’s comments came as he was preparing to depart for this weekend’s G20 summit in Argentina, and shortly after Cohen entered a surprise guilty plea to charges of lying to Congress.

Prosecutors charged Cohen with making false statements to Congress about a project to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Cohen originally told Congress the project ended in January 2016, before the Iowa caucuses, when in fact he continued to push for Russian approval into the summer. He also denied traveling to Russia, when in fact he did visit Moscow.

“What he’s trying to do, because he’s a weak person and not a very smart person, what he’s trying to do, and it’s very simple, he’s got himself a big prison sentence and he’s trying to get a much lesser prison sentence by making up a story,” Trump told reporters as he departed the White House.

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