President Trump signs U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump signed the historic United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The president signed the deal on the South Lawn of the White House joined by some 400 guests, including farmers, CEOS, workers and members of Congress.

The trade deal essentially replaces NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.

President Trump said, “This is a colossal victory for our farmers, ranchers, and energy workers, factory workers and American workers in all 50 states and you could almost say beyond.”

It opens Canadian dairy markets to American producers. It creates stricter rules for auto part rules of origin and requires at least 40% of the parts for a car to be produced in plants where workers make at least $16 dollars-an-hour. It also aims to update digital trade and copyright rules, among other changes.

“Nobody in a period of three years has done so much as all of us have,” President Trump said. “Nobody. There’s never been an administration that has done what we’ve done in the first three years. That means we are doing great things for the people of our country and beyond the people of our country.”

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