Proposed Jordan Cove LNG pipeline dealt another blow

Coos County, Ore. — Permits have once again been denied for the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced Friday it won’t review an order from March which denied permits for the natural gas terminal and pipeline.

The pipeline would run from Malin to Coos Bay through several southern Oregon counties.

FERC said after reviewing the evidence, the pipeline companies did not demonstrate how the benefits of the pipeline outweigh the adverse impacts.

While the decision is exciting news for Alan Journet of Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, it’s not the end of the road in the fight against climate change.

“The kind of projections that we’re looking at suggest that our entire system of natural — natural systems — are going to be compromised by the temperatures and climatic conditions that we’re going to be confronted with,” warned Journet.

Around 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is happening and is being caused by humans.

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