Providence testing water for lead

Medford, Ore. — Providence Health System is testing its water sources for lead. The hospital wide testing comes after elevated levels were found in several departments. Providence said it’s taking the proactive approach after learning about the recent lead findings around the region.

The health system is working with an independent water quality firm to test all water sources within Providence Medford Medical Center Campus and its clinics. This includes all sinks, fixtures and water fountains.

As of today, test results have found lead levels above the EPA maximum level Рof 15 parts per billion Рin four sinks in the birthplace, two utility sinks in the emergency department, and a drinking fountain in rehabilitation services.

All these fixtures have since been taken out of service, and Providence is providing other sources to replace them temporarily. The chief operating officer for Providence Medford said the water testing is to assure patients and healthcare staff they can feel confident in the water resources at the medical centers.

“We see a lot of patients, we have caregivers that we need to make sure that are in a safe environment and we just want to reassure everyone that the water is safe and there shouldn’t be any concerns,” COO Chris Pizzi said.

Providence started testing in August and will continue to periodically check after. It also said it will continue to test for lead until all fixtures have been cleared.

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