Red flag warning in effect for parts of California and Oregon

OREGON & CALIFORNIA — Fire agencies are warning people to be extra cautious after a red flag warning was issued for parts of Oregon and California east of the Cascades.

Gusty winds and low humidity is expected from Tuesday afternoon through the evening.

With temperatures nearing the 90’s and dry conditions, the risk of fire is high.

Fire agencies say all it takes is one spark for flames to escape and spread quickly.

Close to 90 percent of fires in Oregon are human-caused, so fire agencies want to make sure people are careful.

“Maybe someone’s driving on an unimproved road and the exhaust can heat the fuels around it and start a fire, smoking and throwing out your cigarette, [or] not extinguishing your campfire properly,” said Ashley Blakely, Fire District 3.

For the rules and conditions on land near your home, contact your local fire agency.

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