Algae bloom health advisory for Upper Klamath, Agency Lakes

Klamath Falls, Ore. – An algae bloom has triggered a health advisory for Upper Klamath Lake, and Agency Lake.

The blue-green algae toxins can be hazardous to people, and pets.

Klamath County Health Department Director Courtney Vanbragt notes that swimming in the lake, or drinking the water should be avoided…

“Common side effects from exposure include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  And if you do experience these, please seek medical attention.”

Environmental Health Specialist Lance Lindow says he’ll begin posting warning signs Tuesday…

“On as many accessible areas as we can – most specifically, docks, swimming areas, around the lake.”

The advisory includes all of Upper Klamath, and Agency Lakes.

If you eat fish caught in Upper Klamath Lake, remove the skin, all fat, and all organs, and rinse the fillets before cooking them.

Try to keep kids and pets out of the water, and avoid contact if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Boiling the water, or using ‘camp style’ filters are NOT effective at removing the toxins.

You can learn more online:

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