Classes resume at Chiloquin Elementary School

Chiloquin, Ore. – Classes resumed today at Chiloquin Elementary School, after an unknown virus forced a temporary shutdown of the school for several days last week.

Chiloquin Elementary has been closed down since the day before Valentine’s Day.

“We had some sort of virus coming through the school.”  Explains Jeff Bullock, Secondary Curriculum Director for the Klamath County School District.  “And it impacted pretty significantly.”

56 of the 190 students were out sick last Tuesday, and 8 of the 14 staff members.

Bullock is acting administrator on duty while principals for Chiloquin Elementary, and Chiloquin High School are attending a conference.  “The district in consultation with public health, decided this might be an opportunity to give everybody a chance to recuperate.”

Only 7 students were out when school reopened Tuesday.

“What I’m hearing from the office today is that attendance is higher.”  Bullock noted.  “The staff is here, we have no one out sick in the adult side of things.”

Bullock adds the Presidents Day weekend also allowed for some disinfecting at the school.  “The district came in and did some deep cleaning with the extra time off.”

Teachers are helping kids understand the importance of hand washing.

“Talking about how do we stay clean, how do we keep our desk clean, doorknobs – those types of things.”  Bullock says, noting the outbreak is also providing an educational opportunity.

The illness caused high fevers and vomiting, and lasted from 5 to 7 days.

It’s still unclear exactly what virus was responsible.


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