Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Kingsley Field and emergency crews took part in a large-scale training exercise Friday in Klamath Falls, in a scenario involving a fighter jet crashing into a river.

The training simulation began with a call to 911.

The caller stated:  “I just saw an F-15, it looks like it pointed straight down at the ground, and then I saw a big splash of water.”

The training was held at the Miller Island Boat Ramp, and involved a water rescue.

Dive rescue crews were called in to help get a downed pilot to safety.

Fire Marshal Craig Andresen of Klamath County Fire District #1 notes the exercise brought ten agencies together.  “To be able to work together under a unified command system, that also allowed some of our rescue swimmers the ability to go out and perform a water rescue as well.”

The victim in the simulation was stabilized by ground crews, then flown by helicopter from a makeshift landing site.

Observers watched the simulation closely, focusing on strengths, and areas for improvement.

Fire Marshal Andresen says the training will help prepare for an even bigger exercise next month.  “To prepare for the Kingsley Field Sentry Eagle exercise coming up in July.”

Crews from the 173rd Fighter Wing were joined by 3 fire districts, the Sheriff’s Office, State Police, 911, and Klamath County Emergency Management in the exercise.

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