Fatal plane crash not subject to federal investigation

Klamath Falls, Ore. – There may not be a federal investigation into Wednesday’s fatal plane crash in Klamath Falls.

The aircraft wreckage remains in a field in southern Klamath Falls today, but F.A.A. and National Transportation Safety Board aren’t expected to investigate.

Crater Lake / Klamath Regional Airport Business Manager Linda Tepper explains:  “Because it’s essentially an experimental aircraft, and a lightweight experimental aircraft, an ultra-light essentially, that is not an aircraft type that they investigate when it comes to accidents.”

The accident claimed the life of 79 year old Abraham ‘Dutch’ Van Rood.

“He had great jokes all the time.”  Recalls friend Mike Angeli.  “He was just a personality that was always smiling, and always there – and he was always putting other people first.”

Since Van Rood was flying an ultra-light, Tepper notes he didn’t require a pilots licence or medical certification.  “They operate under a different essential group of rules, some of which don’t require pilots to have those types of certifications.”

“He had taken up flying sometime later in life.”  Adds Angeli.  “I’m not sure when – but every time I’d run into him, I’d ask if he was up and flying, or getting out there – and he always looked forward to it.”

Airport officials confirmed that Van Rood had a hard landing in his plane last fall.

Van Rood blew a tire upon landing, and the plan had to be towed from the runway.

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