Harney County fire chief resigns, joins refuge occupiers

Harney County, Ore. — A Harney County fire chief makes a bold move and joined the armed occupiers at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon.

Chris Briels quit his job at Harney County yesterday, saying he doesn’t trust the government any more.

“I took a piece of paper, I wrote down the address, not the address, I’m sorry, folks, I’m human, I need to remind myself that I’m human and I don’t always say the right thing. But I wrote down a date and I said ‘I, Chris Briels, hereby resign my position as Harney county fire chief.’ ok? That means, when you quit, who do you quit? That might say that I just quit this county. I did not just quit this county. But I will not work for the government or a person that I do not believe or have faith in,” says Briels.

Armed occupiers have been holding the wildlife refuge since January 2nd. They say they are protesting federal land policies.

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