Hit and run driver crashes into NBC2 building

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Police in Klamath Falls are looking for a hit and run driver that smashed into the KOTI building early Wednesday morning.

Someone crashed into Rachel’s Dance Studio in the KOTI building just after 12:30 Wednesday morning.

Devin Earp was working next door at Dutch Bros. when the crash occurred.  “Just working the graveyard, and heard some squealing tires, and I looked over, and it looked like some sort of truck had gone through the dance studio.”

No one was inside the building, and there were no injuries – though two pink flamingos suffered minor damage.

“We received a call of a hit and run at the 600 block of Klamath Avenue.”  Notes Officer Kameron Gordon of the Klamath Falls Police Department.  “No vehicle was here, but we’ve got some extensive damage to the building.  At this point the investigation’s ongoing, we’ve got some video footage to review.”

As of 3:30 A.M., no suspect vehicle had been located.

“It was some sort of white pickup.”  Stated Devin Earp.  “Kind of a raised truck, and then they kind of peeled back, and then took off afterwards.”

No dollar estimate of damage has yet been made.

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