Klamath County Library reopening with care

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The downtown branch of the Klamath County Library opened Friday morning, with new precautions in place.

“We welcome people to come back to the library, but they still need to follow the directive from the Governor.”  Notes Library Director Nathalie Johnston.  “Make sure they follow social distancing, we recommend that everybody wears a mask.”

Johnston says a number of safeguards have been put in place.  “The main thing is we install sneeze guard at all the counter, we are going to only one entrance open, and we are going to count the number of people who are coming in.”

She cautions services will be limited.  “They’re going to come in, browse for items, books, DVD’s, they will be able to use a computer only if they make an appointment.”

Johnston encourages the use of online library services.  “You can borrow our ebooks, you can stream DVD’s, you can stream music videos.”

Online stories through the library’s Facebook page have been popular with kids and parents during the closure.

“Yes, it has.”  Johnston notes.  “I don’t know the numbers, but we have a lot of people, kids ask – they are sending us pictures of themselves watching the storytime.”

You can learn more at:  klamathlibrary.org

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