Klamath County school threats taken seriously

Klamath County, Ore. – A Klamath County school student is charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly yelling that a woman had a gun.

While the student may have been joking, the Sheriff isn’t laughing.

Klamath County Sheriff Chris Kaber says the incident happened Friday when a parent was waiting to enter Henley Middle School.

“A student in the building yelled, apparently to the crowd, that ‘she’s got a gun’.”   Notes Kaber.  “Well, that wasn’t true – it was a false statement from the beginning, caused some alarm.”

A School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) later gave the student a citation for disorderly conduct.

Over the past two weeks, the school district and Sheriff’s office have had to deal with three potential threats at schools in Chiloquin, Bonanza, and Henley Middle School.

Sheriff Kaber stressed that any potential threats must be taken seriously.

“Kids often say things, do things, write things down that they see as funny or joking, but we take them seriously – we can’t afford not to.”  States Kaber, adding:  “We want them to get that in a time of national concern, when these school shootings happen elsewhere, that is not the time to be telling jokes about guns, or bombs, or anything like that.”

Sheriff Kaber says he’s been working closely with the district through the threats.

Kaber has high praise for the quick steps taken by the schools in each of the recent incidents.

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