Klamath Falls call center switching from Asurion to iQor

Klamath Falls, Ore. – One of the largest employers in Klamath Falls is under new management.

The Asurion office in Klamath Falls will soon be known as ‘iQor’.

“We have over 600 individuals that work here in the call centers.”  Says Call Center Operations Director Lawrence Jones.  “We’re excited to say that we’re one of the largest employers in Klamath Falls.”

The Klamath Falls facility provides customer support for DirectTV.

Operations Manager Cory Bramwell says he’s not worried about the change:  “I’m very excited to learn about the new company.  It’s a larger company, which means more resources for us and our community.”

Lawrence Jones says most everything will stay the same:  “What will change is the signature outside the building, which is now going to be called iQor.  The name on our paycheck and who pays us is going to be called iQor.”

The switch from ‘Asurion’ to ‘iQor’ will take effect December first.

The Klamath Falls call center is one of five being acquired by iQor.

The other facilities are located in Pennsylvania, Florida, and two in Mississippi.

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