Klamath Falls Police need ‘V.I.P.’s’

Police in Klamath Falls are looking for some V.I.P.’s…through a program that might be just right for you.

Gary Jones has been with the ‘Volunteer in Police Services’, or ‘V.I.P.’ program for three years.  “It’s not often you get to my point in life, where you get a little later, where you get to learn some really new, really cool stuff.”

Volunteer duties include deliveries to the courts, and to other police agencies.

“For anything that it doesn’t take a sworn officer to do, we’ll do.”  Explains Jones.

Patt Spangler says her favorite part is driving a patrol car.  “I especially love to get on Crater Lake Parkway, because nobody goes out there slowly.  And you go along, and they’re just, ‘dah, dah, dah…’  – It’s really great slowing them down.  I wonder why they won’t do it when I’m in MY car.”

Klamath Falls Police Captain Ryan Brosterhous says volunteers help free up officers for patrol, while saving a lot of money for taxpayers.  “Roughly, every fiscal year we’re looking at about a $60,000, $70,000 cost savings to the taxpayer.”

Spangler says volunteering helps to keep her moving.  “And this is a really fun thing to do.  Just going through that gate, and putting in my code, you know – I can get in here – it’s just fun.”

Klamath Falls Police are recruiting volunteers for the V.I.P. program

They’ll be hosting a meeting on Wednesday, June 14th at 6:pm in the Klamath Falls Police Station on Shasta Way to answer your questions.

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