Klamath Falls Valentines

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A husband and wife in Klamath Falls have been exchanging Valentines for more than 65 years.

Ed and Barbara Andersch live at Pelican Pointe in Klamath Falls.

They first met back in the 1940’s.

“Went to school at Sacred Heart when we were kids, in grade school – and went through high school.”  Explains Ed Andersch.  “We never really got tangled up with each other until we were about juniors in high school.”

And what happened in high school?

“Well, we went to a Valentine’s Day dance.”  Laughs Andersch.  “That was it.”

Barb and Ed were married a year after high school graduation.

Ed says his father gave him some valuable advice.

“I want you to learn one thing.”  Andersch recalled from the discussion with his Dad.  “When you’re married, you are MARRIED.”

Barbara Andersch is recovering from serious strokes.

But, Ed says he’s blessed to be able to care for a woman who nursed him through numerous cancer and heart surgeries.

“Guess who took care of me the whole time.”  Noted Andersch.  “My sweetheart.  My one and only sweetheart.”

He adds that Barbara was a ‘fantastic’ mother to their seven children.

“I could never love anybody more than I do her.”  Smiled Andersch.

While it’s difficult for Mrs. Andersch to communicate, her smile after a kiss speaks volumes.

If Barbara and Ed seem familiar, they operated Andersch Home Furnishings for many years in Klamath Falls.

They’ll mark 66 years of marriage on June 5th.

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