Lake, Klamath Counties to declare fire season

Fire Season 2019: For the latest updates on fires buring in our region, go here: Fire Season 2019.

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Monday, June 10th will mark the start of fire season in Klamath and Lake Counties.

The fire season declaration was sparked by drying fuels, and warmer conditions.

“Going into the first of next week, rapid warm-up.”  Explains Randall Baley of the Oregon Department of Forestry.  “Looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s, maybe the low 90’s by middle of the week – so it’s time to go into fire season.”

Fire crews have already been on several fires, and they’re getting ready for more.

“Right now, this is our peak preparation.”  Baley notes.  “We’ve got 40 seasonal fire fighters, and our detection operation’s actually starting to come on Monday.”

The fire season declaration triggers restrictions on debris burning and timber operations.

Additional regulations and closures will go into effect in the Klamath River Canyon area.

“It’s going to be summer, and warm and dry.”  Baley summarized.  “And let’s have a safe and quiet summer.”

Fire season has already been declared in Jackson and Josephine Counties, with restrictions put in place June 1st.

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