Marijuana harvest brings spike in interstate trafficking

Klamath Falls, Ore. – While marijuana is legal in Oregon, taking cannabis beyond state lines is still against the law.

Last week, an Ohio man was arrested near Klamath Falls with over 630 pounds of marijuana in his pickup truck.

There have been many other arrests of out of state drivers with smaller amounts.

“Right now we’re seeing a rise.”  Notes Sergeant Austin Hopson of the Oregon State Police.  “But it’s just based off the time of the year, and the fact that they are harvesting the marijuana crops.”

Growing, and recreational use of marijuana is legal in Oregon.

“The export piece of it is kind of a different animal, so to speak.”  Sgt. Hopson states.  “That’s the marijuana leaving the state of Oregon – and you can’t do that.”

Black market marijuana back east is sold at dramatically higher prices, so it’s likely much of the marijuana is making it out of state.

Police believe that at least some of the local crop is going to an international market.

“Southern Oregon marijuana is grown, I guess it’s conducive to growing marijuana, is what I would say.”  Hopson adds.  “So due to that, we see marijuana being exported world-wide.”

The man driving the pickup with 632 pounds of marijuana has been identified as Dustin Schoenhofer of Ohio, drummer for the ‘metalcore’ band, ‘Walls of Jericho’.

Schoenhofer was released the day following his arrest after posting bail.

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