Military Affairs Committee visits Kingsley Field after dark

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The 173rd Fighter Wing at Kingsley Field has been conducting night flight training this week.

Staff Sergeant Elijah Wallace of the U.S. Air Force notes night flights are a key element of training for F-15 pilots.  “All of our battles aren’t at daytime – we fight at night as well, and it’s important our pilots know how to fight in every situation.”

Members of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs Committee got to visit Kingsley Field after hours Tuesday night.

“It’s our largest committee – 330 plus people.”  Notes Chamber Director Heather Tramp.  “It’s our only committee that you don’t have to be a member of the chamber to belong to.  And It just really exists to provide any kind of support our folks out here at Kingsley need.”

The group was given a briefing on the base, along with some inspiration for future fighter pilots.

Joe Nork is a member of the Military Affairs Committee.  “It was really interesting to look at the flight suits, and the helmets, and the technology in the heads-up diagnostics and stuff like that – it was just amazing.”

The group now has a greater appreciation for the jets, and the men and women who keep them flying.

And while the noise form the jets may keep some up late at night, the job of the 173rd helps the nation rest easier.

You can learn more about the Military Affairs Committee by contacting the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce.

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