Oregon Tech hosts InventOR collegiate competition

Klamath Falls, Ore. – Inventions of the future were on display at Oregon Tech Friday.

The ‘InventOR Collegiate Competition’ poses a broad challenge to students.

“What can you build with $2500, in 90 days.”  Explains Organizer Juan Barraza of Portland State University.  “We have 21 teams, representing 11 universities.”

Students are competing for over $30,000 in prize money.

Inventions included a new system for treating wastewater, healthier eating options, and the UKA, multi-function backpacking tool.

“It is a camp stool, it is a camp basket, it is a camp bath pack.”  Notes Inventor Adam Babuka of the University of Portland.  “It is a gravity water filtration device.”

Other inventions included a computerized rock climbing trainer, ways to extend food storage, and an automotive fuel conversion kit.

“This is significant because it’s a low cost way to get green energy into people’s cars.”  Says Inventor Blake Turner of Rogue Community College.  “Anybody with a gas powered car can buy our low cost kit, and convert their car to burn hydrogen.”

Hallie Neupert of Oregon Tech is also helping to organize the event.  “Such a wide variety of different prototypes, addressing a wide variety of needs – everything from renewable energy, to wellness.”

Even the inventors were impressed with the quality of the competition.

“We’ve got some incredible talent, we’ve got some incredible inventions.”  Observed Adam Babuka, adding:  “I’m just incredibly happy to be here.”

You can find out more about the competition, and meet the inventors here:  www.inventoregon.org 

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