Pipe bomb discovery leads to evacuation of Klamath Falls neighborhood

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The recovery of a stolen motorcycle leads to the evacuation of a Klamath Falls neighborhood.

The victim of a motorcycle theft told police he saw a man riding his Harley late Thursday afternoon near Ferguson School.

“Wearing his helmet and jacket is what I understand,” Klamath County Sheriff Chris Kaber said. “So how it came to end up in a little bit of a crash, I’m not sure – but he ended up sitting on the guy until the first deputy arrived.”

Deputies say suspect Darrel Duane Grisel struggled with them and refused to show his hands.

“That’s when they found a loaded pistol,”  Sheriff Kaber explained. “And I understand some methamphetamine, and in a backpack he had, they found a live pipe bomb.”

A section of Homedale Road was sealed off, several homes were evacuated, and the State Police Bomb Squad was called in.

“They told us it was actually a live pipe bomb that they detonated to make safe,” Kaber said. “We opened up the street, people came back to their homes.”

Kaber said officers found additional stolen property at Grisel’s home.  “We’re still doing some follow-up today, to make sure there aren’t any other bombs out there or anything like that.”

Charges against Grisel include theft, burglary, and possession of meth, a destructive device, and a firearm.

Grisel also had a federal warrant out for his arrest.

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