Protest at Link River Dam

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A protest is now underway at the Link River Dam in Klamath Falls.

The protest comes in the wake of a ruling by a Marion County judge that water from Upper Klamath Lake should be controlled by the state, and not the federal government.

The group had hoped the Bureau of Reclamation would stop the release of ‘flushing flows’ to benefit endangered salmon downstream.

“We’d like the Secretary of the Interior to enter into a contract.”  Explains Klamath Irrigation District board member Grant Knoll.  “To buy stored water from the irrigators so they can continue to run water down the river lawfully.”

“As long as they’re having a peaceful protest, and they’re abiding by the laws, that’s wonderful.”  Says Klamath Falls Police Chief Dave Henslee.  “They have a right to assemble, and a right to protest, and a right to free speech.”

Klamath Project farmers will get less than half the amount of irrigation water they would in an average year.

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