Pump problems leaves Bonanza school without water

Bonanza, Ore. – Imagine waking up to no water in your home – now, imagine that same problem at a school with over 400 kids in rural Klamath County.

A small wire to a small pump caused big problems at the Bonanza School Thursday.

“We had a short in the pump that feeds the water to the facilities.”  Explains Bonanza High Principal Art Ochoa.

“And it just quit pumping water.”  Adds Darin Martins of Klamath County Schools Maintenance.

And that’s a problem when your school relies on a well for water.

Principal Ochoa learned of the problem shortly before 6:30 A.M. – “We have several busses out en route by then, we have some families that are moving children to bus stops.”

The school Superintendent was called, and emergency measures were taken.

Ochoa explains the decision was made to keep classes open:  “Because we had power, we had lights, we had heat, that we could move forward with school.”

“We had eight porta-potties delivered right away.”  Notes Martins.  “We also brought a bunch of bottled water out.”

“Had it been 5:30, it would have been an easy call to cancel school.”  Reflected Ochoa.

The Principal adds that cafeteria meals were served on styrofoam plates.  “We contacted health department to make sure that everything was good with our food services, they gave us a thumbs up.”

The problem was repaired shortly before noon.

The school has added a little extra chlorine to the water, and flushed the system.

They say they’ll continue to monitor water quality closely.

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