Ross Ragland Theater Digital Xperience

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The Ross Ragland Theater unveils new technology that will expand their performance schedule, and transport an audience anywhere on the globe.

The new screen for the ‘Digital Xperience’ is more than 30 feet wide, and 25 feet tall.

“It’s going to expand everything we can do here at the theater.”  Says RRT Executive Director Mark McCrary.  “For the community, and hopefully, kind of a regional base, too.”

McCrary adds that the system will allow for live streaming of programs, concerts, and events from around the world.  “We’ve got sports things coming up, opera, ballet, Shakespeare – so we actually can expand on what we already do without having to try and figure out how to bring it live.”

Ragland Technical Director Steve Ayola has been working to bring the new system online.  “I just like the idea of us being able to expand what we  have to offer the community in the way of entertainment.”

The digital projection system cost over $100,000 and was purchased through a mix of grant funding and donations.

“We’ll be able to keep ticket prices very low – very, very inexpensive.”  Adds McCrary.  “We’re talking an average ticket price of 10 to 12 dollars.”

The digital performance program at the Ragland will begin in July.

The Ross Ragland Theater will give a sneak peek of the new system at the ‘Taste of Klamath’ coming up on June 16th.

And yes, the Ragland will continue to offer traditional, live performances on stage.

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