Second graders in Klamath Falls get to ‘Meet the Bus’

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A new program is helping teach second graders in Klamath Falls about public transportation.

In addition to learning how to sing and read, kids in Ms. Meyer’s class at Pelican Elementary School are learning about city busses.

Beverly Leigh is the program coordinator.  “We’re a pilot program for the state.  ‘Meet the Bus’ was selected by ODOT’s transportation options grant program.”

As part of the program, kids got a ride on a Basin Transit Service bus.

Student Ella Wilson says she learned some of the basics.  “Just to sit down, and backs against the seat.”

“Safety counts first.”  Points out Leigh.  “What we’re teaching them is there’s a difference between riding the school bus, and riding the city bus.”

Paula Quinn and bus driver Crystal Skinner answered answered questions, and each kid got a coloring book explaining how to make change for bus fare, and more.

It was the first time on a city bus for many of the students.

“It was fun.”  Says Wilson.

Students also received a bus pass valued at $15, good for 10 trips on a BTS bus.

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