‘Shoot House’ provides security training at Kingsley Field

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A new facility at Kingsley Field is now being used to help train military, and civilian security forces.

You could call it a grand opening.

“It’s a perfect facility for us to train our tactics, how we go ahead and clear buildings.”  Explains Lieutenant Colonel Lucas Ritter of the Oregon Air National Guard.  “How we go ahead and sweep, for let’s say, an active shooter scenario.”

The 5,000 square foot ‘shoot house’ cost about $475,000.

Ritter explains the facility be used to simulate a variety of situations.  “There’s camera capability inside, strobe light capability inside, we have the ability to pump in sound, as well as smoke to make it as realistic as possible.”

Staff Sergeant William Brow likes having a specialized facility.  “Just the ability to have a structure that you can fully dedicate training in, where you’re able, if you want, to use simunitions, and put rounds in there you can.”

The training isn’t without hazard, as one person was taken to the hospital for injuries suffered from a ‘flash-bang’ grenade.

“Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that happens.”  Lt. Col. Ritter notes.  “And we hope that the airman will be safe, and back home soon.”

But in the long run, the training will improve the safety of all agencies involved.

Brow notes that having a space to work with multiple agencies will pay dividends.  “Things vary so greatly.  You might see something another team’s doing that you’re not, you actually find that you can improve upon your own skill sets – so it’s good to be able to work together on these things.”

A team from the 173rd Security Forces Squadron, 2 teams from Beale Air Force Base, and members of the local SWAT team took part in Wednesday’s training.

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