Summer jobs / career preparation for teens

Klamath Falls, Ore. – With schools closing for the summer, many teens will be looking for jobs.

Much of their focus is shifting toward preparing for a career.

Klamath County’s unemployment rate now stands at 6.9%, nearly half of what it was 10 years ago.

But Youth Employment Counselor Tamara Browder cautions that doesn’t mean it’s easy for teens to land a job.  “Although there are more jobs, there are also more demands for being able to qualify for those jobs.”

Teens are now being advised on how to make plans for the long term.

“I think right now at age 16, 17 it’s a great time to start building your resume.”  Notes Browder.  “It’s selling your skill set – it’s selling your personality, it’s selling your strengths.”

Many employers now look for an ‘NCRC’, or ‘National Career Readiness Certificate’ which can gauge a teen’s basic reasoning, math, and customer service skills.

“If you could answer a phone effectively, if you knew how to give change.”  Browder explains.  “That’s the type of things this test looks for.”

Other things that those looking for a job for the first time may need to consider:  Are they willing to work 40 hours a week, can they show up on time, and are they able to pass a drug test.

You’ll find more information at your local employment office.

Babysitting, yard work, and farm work are still popular summer job alternatives.

Browder cautions that ‘work wanted’ ads on Craigslist or social media should be approached with caution.

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