T.S.A. not returning to Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls, Ore. – The T.S.A. says they’re not returning to the Crater Lake / Klamath Regional Airport…and that could ground plans to restore commercial passenger flights.

The Transportation Security Administration, or ‘T.S.A.’ says they have not plans to return to Klamath Falls.

Airport Business Manager Linda Tepper notes:  “It is a potential deal breaker for Pen Air.”

The city of Klamath Falls signed a service agreement with Pen Air back in July…and for now, Pan Air says they’re still on board.

“They still need to be able to provide that service at a competitive, and convenient manner.”  Adds Tepper.  “That makes it a viable alternative to driving over to Medford.”

Tepper points out there’s an option that passengers could fly out of Klamath Falls without being screened…

“And then upon arriving in Portland, at the Portland terminal, they would go through screening at that location.”

That ‘reverse screening’ would need to be approved, and put in place by the Port of Portland.

But, it’s an option that could be a lifeline for a lot of smaller airports.

“It’s certainly a new model that the T.S.A. I believe wants to try and roll out across the nation.”  Said Tepper, adding that Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, and Greg Walden are hoping for a simpler solution…

“Our Congressional representatives and legislative leaders are looking for ways to still work with the T.S.A. to find a way that we have screening here in Klamath Falls.”

Klamath Falls has been without passenger air service since June of 2014, when United Express / Sky West ended flights to the Crater Lake / Klamath Regional Airport.

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