Window on business in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A Klamath Falls man who launched his own business more than 3 decades ago is still cleaning up in the downtown area.

Doug Sunday does windows.

“I’ve been doing it for 36 years.”  Notes Sunday.  “Got started after a logging accident.  Figured this was safer.”

Sunday created his own business.  And as a result, he’s been helping to beautify downtown, and promote other businesses.  “I’ve been beautifying the town for a long time – I think I help at making the windows shine and everything.”

Sunday says he recently hit a milestone in terms of number of windows washed.  “I hit a magic number of 900,000.  36 years – that’s impressive to me.”

A clean window is Sunday’s best advertising.

“I hand out a lot of business cards on the street.”  Sunday says.  “A lot of people see my work, then they’re after me.”

He charges about $3 a window, inside and out.

Sunday says his customers are loyal.  “Once I pick up a business, they’re not losing it.  I’ve had businesses here on Main Street for 28 years now.”

The window-washer estimates it will take about 3 years to hit the next major milestone.

“I would like to hit a million windows.”  Reflected Sunday.  “I’d like to do that – that would be okay.”

Sunday’s mobile ‘office’ is composed of squeegees, scrubbers, and drying rags.

But he won’t reveal his ‘secret formula’ which provides the desired streak-free finish.

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