Wounded deputy honored by commissioners

Klamath Falls, Ore. – A Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot in the face and stomach 16 months ago says he’s ready to head back to patrol.

Deputy Jason Weber was shot in the face and belly during a routine traffic stop in August of last year.

Weber survived – and says he plans to return to patrol soon…

“I’m waiting to get the final checklist to get cleared to come back to active duty.’  ‘When are you hoping to maybe get back behind the wheel?’  ‘About the first of they year.”

The Klamath County Commissioners presented Deputy Weber with a plaque Tuesday morning.

Commissioner Kelley Minty Morris read the inscription:  “In recognition of Deputy Jason Weber – The Klamath County Board of Commissioners commends you for your service and sacrifice.”

Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah noted that Weber’s character and integrity were evident even in the emergency room.

“He’s in the hospital, he’s going in a cat scan machine so they can see where the bullet is.”  Recalled Sheriff Skrah.  “And the nurse is trying to take his wedding ring off – and his words were, ‘Nobody takes this ring off of me except my wife.”

Though Deputy Weber’s preparing to patrol Klamath County roads for the first time since the shooting, he actually returned to light duty at the Sheriff’s Office in the spring.

William ‘Jack’ Parkerson is accused of shooting Deputy Jason Weber.

Parkerson is scheduled to go to trial to face charges of attempted murder, and first-degree assault in January.

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