Republicans name preferred replacements for Dennis Richardson

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Republicans have released a list of potential candidates to replace former Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson.

Last week, Richardson died after a battle with cancer.

Read more about Richardson’s long political career HERE.

In accordance with Oregon Law, Governor Kate Brown (D) is tasked with picking a replacement for Richardson. She stated she will select a Republican of her choosing.

On March 6, the Oregon GOP published a list of nominees they approve of. According to the GOP, they’re concerned the governor will pick someone loyal to her who won’t continue Richardson’s work.

Governor Brown is under no obligation to choose any of the names offered up by Republicans.

The following nominees were on the list sent to Governor Brown:

  • Katie Eyre – Former State GOP Representative
  • Bill Kennemer – Former State GOP Senator and Representative
  • Debra Royal – Current Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Richardson
  • Lynn Snodgrass – Former GOP State House Speaker
  • Gene Whisnant – Former State GOP Representative

Republicans said, “Confronting and solving the biggest challenges Oregon faces requires a Secretary of State who will accurately assess how state agencies are performing and supplying the essential information to legislators, policymakers, and the public.  The five Republicans on the list can and will do exactly this – not because it pleases one political party or another, but because it’s good for the entire state.”

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