Residents look to beat the heat in southern Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore.– The heatwave is coming. Which means it’s time to hunker down, find some shade and wait out the beating sun.

On Monday, it may not have reached the 100s but even standing in the sun for too long felt close to those temperatures. NBC5 News spoke with several people who said over the next two days, they plan on finding places to cool off as fast as they can.

Splash pads were a popular mention by many people as well as heading to the lake or the river to wait out the hot afternoons.

“You get to go out and go swimming and have get-togethers and stuff like that,” said Kenzie Mak, 18. “But when it hits over that 98 mark, it is like miserable. So I can’t.”

Many said they’re lucky to have A/C in both their homes and at work while others would just prefer that the heat pass by the valley completely. 

This extreme heat is expected to start around Tuesday and go into Wednesday evening. Several counties including Jackson and Josephine are expected to top 100 degrees.

As a reminder, if you are spending your time outside make sure you know the signs for heat exhaustion and heat stroke and drink plenty of water.

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