RNC opens in Cleveland

NC_lv10mgopconvention1600handelsman_1500x845Cleveland, Ohio (NBC News) — The Republican Convention began Monday in Cleveland, with delegates and GOP leaders across America divided about Donald Trump.

Trump, who speaks briefly at the convention tonight, is counting on his theme of law and order to win over voters and unify the party.

At Quicken Loans Arena, the divisions in the party were bursting into the open with a floor vote looking more likely over whether Trump delegates can vote for someone else.

As the convention kicked off, today’s theme was “Keep America Safe,” spotlighting Donald Trump’s promise of law and order to voters horrified by the recent killings in the US and abroad.

Trump himself comes to the convention tonight to introduce his wife Melania who will praise him and veterans.

Big name Republicans are not speaking this week or attending because Trump is the nominee.

No Bushes, no Mitt Romney, no John McCain.

Ohio Governor John Kasich won’t come to the convention, angering Team Trump.

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