Rogue Valley company furloughs two-thirds of staff

ASHLAND, Ore. —┬áCoronavirus impacts are hitting near and far with family-owned companies like Neuman Hotel Group cutting two-thirds of its staff, about more than 200 people.

“We chose to furlough our employees, you know, keeping them as employees but they’re currently not working and we’re encouraging them to use their vacation and sick time until we know more about that,” said Chief Operating Officer for Neuman Hotel Group, Don Anway.

Anway says the company had around 350 employees and is now down to just over 100.

The company owns four hotels in the Rogue Valley: Ashland Springs Hotel, Lithia Springs Resort, Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites, and Inn at the Commons in Medford.

It also operates the two Larks restaurants.

“They’re understanding but it’s hard to know what the future lies and how soon we can bring them back,” said Anway.

He says in his twenty years living in the valley, he never imagined something like this happening.

“Unfortunately, as those restrictions were announced last week that’s when the cancellations started to come,” he said. “That’s where people were asking what’s happening.”

Anway says although the choice was difficult, it was necessary.

“We want to bring our employees back. We want to put them back to work and we’re hoping that this is short-lived so that we can, you know, celebrate everything southern Oregon has to offer and invite all the visitors that come annually to southern Oregon,” he said.

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