Rogue Valley families welcome Leap Day babies

Medford, Ore. —  At least a half dozen babies were born in the Rogue Valley this Leap Day. Korey and Christina Epps welcomed their daughter Kaitlyn Pearl Epps into the world at 1:03 Monday afternoon, weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measuring at 19 3/4 inches long.

Christina wasn’t due until March 5th, but the whole family couldn’t be happier to have Kaitlyn arrive on Leap Day.

“I didn’t figure it out until I was about 7 months along that the possibility was there,” mother Christina Epps said, “so when we went into labor I was very excited to have a Leap Year baby!”

“I feel very great about her and I am really excited,” big sister Makayla says, “and once we go home after the day after this I’m gonna be so, I’m just gonna be so lightheaded when I go home.”

Mom and baby are both doing great, and dad says this little one will save him a lot of money with birthdays only coming around every four years.


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