Russia suspended from U.N. Human Rights Council

(NBC) The U.N. General Assembly voted Thursday to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council following accusations that its military committed atrocities in Ukraine.

The resolution proposed by Ukraine, the U.S., the United Kingdom and other U.N member nations expressed “grave concern” about reports of gross and systematic violations and abuses of human rights” and violations of international humanitarian law” by Russia as factors supporting suspension.

93 nations voted to expel Russia while 24 countries voted against the measure and 58 nations abstained. The resolution required a two-thirds majority vote for adoption.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.N., Sergiy Kyslytsya, said before the vote that the U.N. should be named “Titanic” if it didn’t “take action to save the council from sinking.”

Russia’s representative spoke out against the resolution, as did other nations accused of human rights abuses, including Syria, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

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