SAR: safety tips for cutting down a Christmas tree

ASHLAND, Ore. — Late November is a popular time for families to go on the hunt for a Christmas tree.

But with the weather getting colder, law enforcement wants to make sure you do it safely.

The lack of cell service and chilly temperatures in the woods can be a dangerous combination.

Before heading outdoors, Siskiyou County Search and Rescue says you should always have blankets, extra food, and water in case of an emergency.

Other tips include having a lighter or fire starter in case you’re outdoors overnight as well as a flashlight and a charged cell phone.

“Once a year we’ll get the phone call of an overdue Christmas tree cutter,” said Deputy Mike Burns, Siskiyou Co. Sheriff’s Office. “People venture out in the woods and either their vehicle becomes disabled and they become stuck.”

Deputy Burns says it’s also important to tell a friend or family member where you’re going.

And if you do become stuck or stranded, he says you should stay with your vehicle.

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