Saturday benefit for two-year-old fighting kidney disease

Jacksonville, Ore. — On the outside, Noah James looks and acts like your average 2-year-old boy. He sings, plays music, and is learning new words every day. But on the inside, he is fighting kidney disease. Diagnosed before he was even born, Noah needs a kidney transplant.

Luckily his mom, Jenny James, is there for her only child. “So, I’m his kidney match,” said Jenny.

There was never a doubt, Jenny was first in line to help her baby and donate a kidney to Noah. She said, “I knew that before anybody else, I would want to see if I was a match.”

Taking care of Noah has proven to be a full time job, so now Jenny is at home surrounded by loved ones who are helping out. And with monthly trips to visit doctors in Portland, money is tight. “Noah is a little tiny tyke that’s as happy as can be and he is a little one that is friendly,” said Meri Haworth, a member of the James family’s church who is now taking it upon herself to help out.

She’s organized a benefit from 12:30pm to 2:00pm on Saturday at First Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville. All donations will go directly to Jenny and Noah. “My goal is $10,000, I’d be thrilled with $20,000. But actually, if we end up with maybe $2,000, that’s $2,000 dollars more,” said Haworth.

The Children’s Organ Transplant Association has already raised $50,000 for Noah and Jenny so far. This benefit hopes to add even more to that, to help little Noah continue to lead the normal, joy filled life that every 2-year old deserves.

If you’d like to help Noah, visit


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