Search for son 40 years later

MEDFORD, Ore. — Four months ago Rochelle Davis posted a photo of her mom on Facebook holding a sign that read: “I’m looking for my son born Baby Boy Nelson.

Denise Davis-Jordan says she was living in Rogue River and was 16 when she gave birth to her first child. She says the boy is half black and half white and didn’t think he would’ve been accepted in the city.

“They didn’t welcome other races and nationalities in Rogue River very well,” Denise, mother of ‘baby Nelson’, said.

She says that trouble with drugs and her age led her to put her child up for adoption in 1977.

“I tried to give him the best possible life I could give him with my decision to put him up for adoption,” she said.

Denise says she battled with addiction for nearly 30 years and didn’t want her son to meet her for the first time in that state.

Now, she’s nearly 15 years sober and living in Topeka, Kansas. She says she and her children are ready to meet him.

“I want to know my older brother,” Rochelle Davis, Denise’s daughter, said. “Mostly it’s on my bucket list to complete a few things for her and one of them was to find her son.”

Due to her addiction history, Denise says her memory is foggy. She says ‘Baby Nelson’ was born on or around July 7, 1977, at a hospital in the Rogue Valley.

She believes the boys’ family lived in the Applegate Valley with his mother as a stay at home mom and the father as an attorney.

Denise is hoping that the power of social media can reconnect her with her first born, or at the very least she can know he’s happy and safe.

“I do love him, I have always loved him and he’s always been in the back of my mind and in my heart,” Denise said.

If you have any information you’d like to share with the family you can call 785-431-8588.

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