Search for suspects continues in Mexico ambush

(NBC News) – A manhunt is underway following the deadly Monday ambush that left nine American citizens dead and several others wounded in Sonora, Mexico.

Three mothers, with 14 children between them, were traveling to Arizona when they came under fire.

Authorities believe a local drug cartel is responsible.

The three mothers, Christina Marie Langford Johnson, Dawna Ray Langford and Rhonita Maria Miller were killed, along with six children.

One of the eight surviving children was found in her baby seat on the floor of a bullet-riddled SUV.  Many of the others were wounded.

One of the teenagers hid the survivors in the brush, covering them with branches, before walking six hours to find help.

Five of the eight children who survived are being treated in a Tucson hospital.

Doctors are not releasing any information about their injuries.

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