Senate plans vote to limit President Trump’s military authority

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NBC) – The Senate is expected to vote on a bi-partisan resolution this week that would limit President Trump’s authority to take military action against Iran without the approval of Congress.

The president has said in a series of tweets that the resolution would “show weakness.”

Democrat Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia is spearheading the measure, which also has support from several Republicans.

Kaine said, “Some view this as an effort to tie President Trump’s hands but it’s not really about President Trump, it’s not even about the president, it’s about Congress, it’s about Congress fully inhabiting our Article One role to declare war and take that deliberation seriously.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah said, “In moving forward any action that we take involving Iran, given that it’s neither authorized by the 2001 or by the ’02 AUMF needs to be authorized by Congress.”

Kaine added, “I do think there’s been a de-escalation in the last six weeks, that’s a positive. But it would be overly optimistic to just expect that will go on indefinitely. So, I think we’re still at a tough posture with Iran taking actions that we don’t like and we’re doing some things that they don’t like, so we’re at a very tough posture.”

A final vote is expected on Thursday.

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