Sexual assault allegations

Ashland, Ore., — “Many students have posts, and we don’t follow all our students.” said Ashland School District Superintendent, Suzanne Cusick.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

All social media platforms where people can post whatever they want.

Earlier this week, some of those posts included accusations – claims one student had sexually assaulted another.

“We do not tolerate sexual assault. Either student to student, or adult to student, at any time, or adult to adult. Our policies are vigorously enforced.” said Cusick.

The social media community says its heard from both the accuser, and the accused online.

While some comments claim the Ashland School District isn’t doing anything, the district’s superintendent says otherwise.

“Yesterday morning when the post was brought to our attention, we immediately began investigating.” said Cusick.

Part of the investigation – calling Ashland Police.

“I got a phone call from Ashland High School Administration saying this was kind of blowing up on social media.”

Police Chief Tighe O’Meara says all accusations will be taken seriously.

“Sexual assault is unique, and one of the most, aside from homocide, traumatic and invasive crimes that can happen to anybody.”

And while the system takes over trying to determine what happened to whom,  Ashland’s superintendent says her priorities aren’t changing.

“The emotional and physical safety of our kids is of paramount importance.” said Cusick.

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