‘Shine a Light’ raises awareness with yoga

Ashland, Ore.– A local event in Ashland is raising awareness, to help those impacted by sex trafficking.

The ‘Shine a Light’ non-profit organization is bringing people together through yoga to raise money in support of local organizations that help those affected by sex trafficking.

“Part of this problem is really that we’re not talking about this,” said Celina Reppond, director of ‘Shine A Light.’

For Reppond, this event – in it’s sixth year – is very special to her. When she first joined as a teacher several years ago, Reppond said she didn’t know much about sex trafficking, especially on the West Coast.

“Then when I came to this event and taught for it, I learned what a big problem it was up and down the I-5 corridor,” she said. “I fell in love with the event. I fell in love with the cause.”

Reppond is now the director for the event but she said the original director and creator, Mary Rogan, was inspired to use yoga after experiencing something similar on a retreat.

“At that retreat, they were talking about what you are feeling with yoga and then take it out into the world,” said Reppond. “She was inspired to create this event.”

From it’s beginning, the fundraiser has raised thousands of dollars to benefit local organizations that help sex trafficking survivors. One volunteer and participant said he was touched by the stories shared by others affected by sex trafficking.

“If you’re not moved in a situation like this then I don’t know what to tell you,” said Terry Rauh. “It’s very moving for me and I think for many other people.”

To Rauh, this event is something special.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t moving me. But it’s nice that it’s not just about me in this situation, it’s actually stepping outside of myself and helping people that are in some bad situations.”

If you would like to donate to the Shine a Light cause, you can visit their site at iwillshinealight.org. 

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